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Усилвател YAMAHA THR100H Dual

Усилвател YAMAHA THR100H Dual
Усилвател YAMAHA THR100H Dual
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Усилвател YAMAHA THR100H Dual
Усилвател YAMAHA THR100H Dual


Organic tone. Massive creative potential.Get ready to experience a whole new level of tone creation with THR100H Dual amp head.

Ultra Dynamic Power Amp

A great amp always has a certain something. More than just great tone, it has dynamics that breathe life into every note and give punch to every chord. With THR amp heads, Yamaha’s engineers have captured the component-level interaction between the speakers and the power amp (the murky world known as the damping factor) and tuned it to perfection, achieving a new level of performance excellence, even at low volumes. Don’t worry about hearing the difference— you’ll feel it as soon as you plug in and play.

THR100H offers 5 amp types - MODERN An “American-modded” version of the Lead amp-type, slightly more saturation and smooth, fluid overdrive LEAD Medium-gain British tone with rich, controllable overdrive and great definition CRUNCH Low-powered, bright British tone with soft touch and chiming high-end CLEAN Warm, rounded American tone with late breakup and incredible dynamics SOLID Clean, solid-state amp for zero breakup at any level

Dual Amp Function

Two heads aren’t always better than one. But two amps are. THR100H Dual is a true dual-amp version of THR100H with two identical channels of natural drive and incredible dynamics. Totally independent controls, fully discrete signal paths with dual selectable inputs, and A/B/A+B switching give you access to the big dual-amp sounds that guitar tone icons have known about for years. Now it’s your turn.

Utility Software

THR amp heads come equipped with USB functionality that lets you connect to your computer for quick and easy configuration of the o

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