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Кубе YAMAHA THR Cabinet 212

Кубе YAMAHA THR Cabinet 212
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The Perfect Partner of THR100H Dual & THR100H

Specially designed to be the perfect companion to THR100H Dual, the THRC212 features mismatched Eminence Legend1218 and The Tonker 12” drivers to provide the perfect balance of clarity, punch and vintage warmth. With switchable mono or stereo operation, you can choose which driver to partner with which amp for another level of tone customization.

Almost all of the classic tube sounds of the last few decades have been a product of the synergy between a high-quality amp head and a dedicated speaker cabinet designed to complement the unique sonic characteristics of the amp. The THRC112 / THRC212 are no different, and have been crafted and tuned specifically to accommodate the versatile amp, speaker, and valve simulations of THR amp heads.


  • Type Closed Back
  • Speakers Size 2 x 12"
  • Name Left: Eminence Legend1218, Right: Eminence The Tonker
  • Frequency 70Hz - 5.5kHz
  • Power Rating 150W+150W or 300W (150W+150W)
  • Impedance 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm (8 Ohm+8 Ohm)
  • Input Rear INPUT (1/4" Phone) x3
  • Control SW Rear INPUT SINGLE / DUAL
  • Body Dimensions W701 x H471 x D301 mm
  • Weight 53 lbs..
  • Material Plywood 18mm
  • Accessories User manual

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Кубе YAMAHA THR Cabinet 212
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  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Марка: YAMAHA
  • Модел: THR Cabinet 212_Special Offer

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