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Steinberg Nuendo EDU (Latest educational version)

Steinberg Nuendo EDU (Latest educational version)
Steinberg Nuendo EDU (Latest educational version)
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Steinberg Nuendo EDU (Latest educational version)
Steinberg Nuendo EDU (Latest educational version)

  • Game Audio Connect provides direct connection to the Audiokinetic Wwise game audio middleware, including integration with Perforce version management
  • Fully integrated re-conforming solution for automatic audio-to-picture alignment including preview functions
  • Advanced project collaboration for an easy exchange of audio tracks including audio files and program data between several Nuendo projects
  • VCA fader support for working with large mixing projects on a second mixing layer
  • Render Export and Render-in-place allow for easy rendering of an individual selection of audio files including naming conventions to a hard drive or to the same Nuendo project
  • 50fps Timecode support as well as a new Timecode entry scheme within the transport bar
  • Metadata of audio events is now not only displayed in the info line, but also shown in the event itself
  • New MIDI tempo detection allows playing onto a MIDI track with the feature reconstructing any tempo change in the performance and aligning it to the grid for further editing
  • Plug-in manager provides the ability to arrange, sort and group effects and instruments either at the top level or in custom submenus, making finding plug-ins easier
  • VST Connect SE allows for recording audio and MIDI data over the internet with a redesigned graphic user interface that is fully integrated into Nuendo's control room cue send system
  • New effects and updated plug-ins including Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper, VST Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2, and more
  • Improved windows handling paradigm including a new workspace organizer as well as new rack zone with dockable MediaBay
  • Vastly improved program performance, faster load times and a smoother program behavior
  • Design overhaul including redesigned track list and Inspector, enhanced channel strip EQ

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