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Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)

Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Безплатна доставка
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 (Latest version)
Безплатна доставка
Този продукт ще ти бъде доставен в удобен офис на Спиди или до точен адрес - напълно безплатно!
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Марка: Steinberg
  • Модел: Groove Agent 4
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  • Groove Agent 4 — All styles covered
  • Groove Agent 4 is the ultimate drum studio and virtual drumming instrument for producers and songwriters working in any modern musical style. This unique instrument combines three specialist rhythm modules in one: craft dazzlingly authentic drum tracks, produce dancefloor-filling beats and design slinky percussive grooves with a dedicated Agent for each task; combine up to four Agents for a new experience in rhythm creation. Groove Agent 4 includes a huge sound library of over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 patterns, a vast array of specia

  • Key features
    • Complete virtual drum workstation including three specialist Agents for drums, beats and percussion — combinable in four slots
    • Huge library including over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 grooves and patterns for any contemporary music style
    • Acoustic Agent virtual drummer with stunningly detailed drum kits for unmatched realism
    • Beat Agent drum sampler for electronic music production including advanced slice editing and automatic drum hit recognition
    • Percussion Agent with more than 20 instruments to complete your virtual rhythm section
    •  Advanced Note Repeat with up to 8 variations and integrated phrase editor
    •  Follow Transport for synchronized playback in the host
    •  MIDI output to host for convenient recording of patterns and performances
    • Full pattern editor for groove editing on the fly
    • Style Player plays in the desired complexity and intensity, generates auto fills and much more
    • Jam mode creates immediate backing tracks, including intro, fills and ending
    • Integrated mixing board with high-end audio effects for flexible control over all aspects of your drum sound
    • Advanced Cubase integration with drag and drop, full automation and automatic drum map exchange 
    •  Alternate loop mode for creative sound tweaking
    •  Individual pattern mode for controlling each of the pattern pads of the four Agents
    •  Several workflow improvements requested or suggested by Groove Agent users
    • list editing tools, Style Player, the handy Jam mode, full integrated mixing board and much, much more.

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