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Mackie D-2

Mackie D-2
Mackie D-2
Mackie D-2
Безплатна доставка
Mackie D-2
Mackie D-2
Mackie D-2
Mackie D-2
Безплатна доставка
Този продукт ще ти бъде доставен в удобен офис на Спиди или до точен адрес - напълно безплатно!
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Марка: MACKIE
  • Модел: D-2
 Кликни за схеми на изплащане:
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Бърза доставка и БЕЗПЛАТНА при поръчки над 199лв.
Можеш да прегледаш пратката, преди да я приемеш от куриера
Всички продукти са със стандартна 2 години гаранция
Купи на изплащане с 1% оскъпяване
•Premium 2-channel DJ mixer with analog VCA circuitry
•FireWire option card for recording and mixing mp3’s and other files directly to/from Mac or PC
•45mm "no-contact" Infinium optical crossfader for years of use with no audio degradation
•Mackie-designed mic and turntable preamps for ultra-low noise and maximum “punch”
•2 stereo program channels with CD, Phono/Line, and FireWire input select
•3-band EQ per channel w/ complete kill filters and blue backlit knobs
•User-rotatable 3-position spring-loaded Transform switches with latching mode
•Flexible effects routing with variable FX send control
•Neutrik combo jack for XLR and 1/4" microphone connections
•"Planet Earth" Power Supply - no need for power converters, no matter the country
•XLR main outs with mic/line switch for easy stage integration (No D.I.'s)
•Crossfader features Resistance and Curve controls and Reverse switch
•Fader Reverse switches and Curve controls
•1/4" Booth Outputs with Stereo/Mono switch and volume control
•Individual program meters plus main out meters
•Ideal mixer for turntablists, remixers, and digital DJs alike

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