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  • Powerful 450-Watt bass workstation with front-ported bass cabinet
  • 4 original Bugera 10" HARD ATTACK aluminum-cone speakers
  • Custom-made 1'' horn tweeter for ultimate punch
  • Recessed carrying handles and integrated rollers for easy transportation
  • DYNAMIZER technology for ultimate punch and to capture every nuance of your playing
  • Switchable Ultrabass subharmonics processor for unbelievable low-end power
  • Dedicated 5-band EQ with Deep, Bright and Shape functions for awesome sound shaping
  • Musical limiter for ultimate volume without distortion
  • Vintage-style VU meter for precise signal level control
  • Balanced XLR DI output for direct connection to your mixing console
  • Dual footswitch for Ultrabass and Shape functions included
  • Tuner function and Line output for additional flexibility
  • FX Insert for external effects devices (stomp boxes, rack effects, etc.)
  • 3 speaker outputs on 1/4'' jack and professional speaker connectors (compatible with Neutrik Speakon connectors)**
  • Active, temperature-controlled cooling system for ultimate protection
  • Ultra-rugged power supply with toroidal transformer for highest power reserves
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Designed and engineered in Germany

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3 месеца x 270.04лв. 3 месеца x 267.71лв. 3 месеца x 271.60лв.
6 месеца x 140.09лв. 6 месеца x 137.75лв. 6 месеца x 141.65лв.
9 месеца x 96.77лв. 9 месеца x 94.43лв. 9 месеца x 98.33лв.
12 месеца x 75.11лв. 12 месеца x 72.77лв. 12 месеца x 76.67лв.
15 месеца x 62.12лв. 15 месеца x 59.78лв. 15 месеца x 63.68лв.
18 месеца x 53.45лв. 18 месеца x 51.12лв. 18 месеца x 55.01лв.
24 месеца x 42.62лв. 24 месеца x 40.29лв. 24 месеца x 44.18лв.
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